Results of the 2014 International Chocolate Awards Americas Semi-Finals

October 22, 2014

Pacari is pleased to announce that we have won awards in multiple categories as part of the 2014 International Chocolate Awards. You can view these awards and other winners on the official website: International Chocolate Awards. Pacari took the following awards this year in the semi-finals, clicking on "link" next to each product will reveal the product in the online store if it is available for purchase. Bars without a link are currently unavailable for purchase.  Overall Winners (Dark Bars) Gold - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Tangara 70% Silver - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Piura 70% (Link) Silver - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Raw 70% (Link) Silver - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Lacumbia 70% Silver - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Montubia 70% Silver - Pacari Chocolate...

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Updated Contact Us Page - FAQ Section

September 16, 2014

Today we updated the Contact Us page to reflect some frequently asked questions about Pacari that we are seeing over and over. We specifically addressed the locations that you are able to purchase Pacari from, as well as a question regarding wholesale and distributor opportunities. Head over to the Contact Us page to see the new features, and feel free to send us a message if you need assistance!     

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