Pacari - El Mejor Chocolate para el Mundo

If our actions are sustainable, the world is eternal.
Each step we take generates a reaction in the universe, a unique and definitive consequence, which alters every decision we make in the future. A world of waste is inevitable, but we think before acting. The principles of sustainability give us an opportunity to change the history of the world.

The world exists and thanks to it, we too.

Sustainability is a principle and a philosophy that allows us to adapt our actions to take care of the planet and with it, our future.

Within western practices of the commercial world, waste is inevitable. One more facet of an industrialized world. The human being at the center of everything, thinking of his today without care of his tomorrow. Words, such as organic, traditional and artisanal are not common presently, they are trend. But that point of inflection, may be precisely why we need to turn to the natural.

A philosophy that aims to take care of the earth, and indirectly takes care of those who inhabit it. Only then, sustainability becomes a necessity of the modern human. But why is it still only an option?

Nature is not self-destructive, it is in essence, sustainable and organic. However, it is also malleable. In our eagerness to leave a mark, we have forced it to adapt to chemicals, transgenics, pesticides and others. By returning to the natural state, it allows her to grow and bloom, share all its secrets and find a balance that seems impossible at present. This harmony does not go against the world but aims to transform it.

Sustainability is the answer, and it begins in us. In each person and company that generates a difference, an impact. The steps are simple and the road is hard, but the results are products that take care of the health of those who consume them and the nature from which they are born. People who give back to the earth join the energy cycle, living in harmony with it, even in the chaos of a globalized world.

Pacari Chocolate

Pacari is a company born from a dream that seeks to generate a positive impact on the world, changing its history through chocolate. Each chocolate bar is the result of a human process, inspired by the sustainability and ancestral culture of chocolate.

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