Manifestation of

Ancestral knowledge

Even in ancient times cacao hid as many flavors as secrets, forging a unique story that lasts until this day.


It is the natural spirit that infuses each of our chocolate bars, and in large part, is responsible for its unique flavor. This story is felt in every bite and is lived in every step of our Cacao Route.

Pacari Cacao Route

This experience begins driving to Archidona (2h44min from Quito), where the community of Santa Rita and our Cacao Agrotourism Project are located.


We will enter the Kechwa community to learn about the natural process of sowing and harvesting the best Cacao in the world, classified as “fine aroma”. Each organic peel goes through a careful process of fermentation and drying in the hands of our certified producers. We work together to achieve a real and positive impact, while taking care of nature, the producer, the process and the consumer

Pacari - El Mejor Chocolate para el Mundo

Each visitor becomes a part of history in the community of Santa Rita. Here they will learn about the customs, appreciate the landscapes, taste the food and write the story of PACARI with us.

We maintain a constant involvement with the communities, supporting them in order to improve their practices of organic agriculture and protecting the quality of the cacao bean.

Pacari - El Mejor Chocolate para el Mundo

Through this tours and the support of PACARI, we seek to generate an income for the SANTA RITA community, placing its sustainable practices of planting and harvesting cacao at the center.

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